Segway PT

Q: What is the age requirement?
A: You must be 14 years old to ride a Segway PT. Anyone 18 and under must have a guardian present to sign the waiver.  There is no maximum age; we’ve had a 101-year-old ride a Segway PT with us!

Q: Where do we meet?
A: For most of the tours you will meet us at our shop, which can be found at 1301 E. Cary St. For Hollywood Cemetery, Monument Avenue, and Petersburg Tours you will meet at alternative locations.

  • Hollywood Cemetery- Enter the cemetery from Cherry St. Pass the chapel, go down the hill, and take a right, and then take the next right. You’ll park and meet your guide inside the little circle.
  • Petersburg- Meet at Petersburg Battlefield at the Maintenance Shed at the Eastern Front.
  • Monument Avenue- The Lee Monument at the intersection of Allen and Monument

Q: Is there parking?
A: We don’t have our own lot but there are a number of parking garages around us. Please allow at least 10-15 minutes to find parking and make it back to the store for check-in.
One garage is at 12th St. across from the Omni Hotel, one on Virginia Street just off of Cary St., and another at the intersection 14th St. and Cary St. (If your vehicle is too tall for a garage there is a parking lot across from Main Street Station.)
We do not recommend street parking during the week, as it is 2-hour parking and counting check in time and the tour, your parking time will exceed 2 hours.
On the weekends you can park on the street without worrying about the 2 hour limit.

Q: What time do we need to get there?
A:  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your tour’s start time. This will allow time to check in, pay, and fill out our waiver. There is also training before the tour, the earlier you get here the more time can be devoted to the tour rather than training.

Q: Do we need helmets?
A:  Everyone must wear a helmet. We provide helmets for everyone, which is included in your tour price. You’re also welcome to bring and wear your own.

Q: What if it’s raining?
A: Our Segways and guides can handle the rain. We will not cancel the tours on our end because of rain. However, if there is thunder or lightning the tour will have to be canceled.

Q: I’ve heard the inventor of the Segway PT died on a Segway PT. Is this true?
A: The inventor of the Segway PT, Dean Kamen, is alive and well. However, the man who eventually bought the company, Jim Heselden, did unfortunately die in a Segway PT accident.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Closed toed shoes, comfortable shoes are highly recommended. Richmond, Virginia weather can be a bit unpredictable so be sure to check the weather forecast. In the Spring and Fall layers are recommended. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!

Q: Are tips included in the price?/Do we tip the guide?
A: Tips are not included in the price of the ticket. They are not required or expected but certainly appreciated if you enjoyed the tour.